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Birthdate:Jun 21
Location:United States of America
Character Name: Rarity
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown - young adult
Species: Unicorn

Appearance: Rarity is one of the unicorns of Equestria and is about average-sized for a pony, her shoulder probably about as high as a man’s waist. She keeps her white hide immaculate, and her deep purple mane and tail are always stylishly curled. Her cutie mark, an image of three sparkling blue diamonds on her left flank, is the same color as her eyes. Coloration differences and cutie mark aside, she looks like a normal pony, except for her white horn. Then again, she is a unicorn; what did you expect?

Personality: Rarity is a self-described lady. She tends to consider herself very classy and haute couture, preferring to be addressed by name or as “miss.” She has an eye for small details (as an up-and-coming fashion talent, she has to) that sometimes causes her to overlook the bigger picture – missing the forest for the trees, as it were. Still, she is an incredibly talented fashionista and places high importance on appearance and mannerisms.

That is to say, Rarity is a bit of a diva. She’s very persnickety about things pertaining to appearance and her own personal situation: for example, she accessorizes for every occasion, even when it may not be important at all, and absolutely detests getting mussed in any capacity (Applejack once tells the other ponies that “Rarity won’t touch mud unless it’s imported” and she’s exactly right). If things don’t go her way – or if, God forbid, she gets dirty – she will not hesitate to be loudly and annoyingly vocal about the situation.

Beneath that seemingly shallow exterior, however, Rarity has a heart of gold. She will not hesitate to do favors for and help her friends and she will gladly pitch in and pull her weight in town-wide projects such as party preparation or Winter Wrap-Up. The Element of Harmony (mystical Sailor Moon-esque Ponyville legend stuff, don’t worry about it) that Rarity embodies is Generosity, and it shines through in her actions, from offering to make all her friends gowns for the Grand Galloping Gala to cutting off her own precious tail (sob) to repair the moustache of a bereft sea serpent. (It makes sense in context, I promise.) In essence, Rarity will do anything to help her friends, though she will still balk if it involves mud.

When the chips are down, Rarity has been shown to be a bit of a spitfire. When kidnapped by diamond dogs, creatures that wanted to force her to find jewels for them, she outwitted them completely, playing up the more divatastic aspects of her personality – refusing to dig for jewels, whining about conditions, and at one point fake!crying loudly and hysterically – until the dogs not only set her free, but let her take all the jewels she’d found with her. Additionally, she’s been willing to charge into battle if the situation arises and has been known to occasionally hip-check obstacles out of her way.

Abilities: Rarity is a unicorn, and as such, she is fairly adept at magic. The magic system in Equestria seems to be a series of spells that can be learned, either from books or from other unicorns. Rarity's selection of spells includes the usual unicorn fare (teleportation, levitation of objects) as well as a gem-finding spell of which she is rather fond. Conceivably, were there a spellbook or were someone able to teach her, Rarity could learn any number of spells; however, she will always be most adept at usual unicorn spells and at the spells that cater to her special talent: fashion design. Rarity is a rather talented fashion designer - it’s her chosen career path in life and her special talent as well - and is therefore an adept seamstress with an eye for color and shape.

Items: Much to her chagrin, Rarity is carrying absolutely nothing with her.

History: Not a lot is specified about Rarity’s past. She was likely born and raised in Ponyville, a smaller town in Equestria. At some point, she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer and set up a shop towards the center of town so as to better socialize and ply her trade.

The biggest event to happen in Ponyville in quite a while was a celebration for the longest day of the year, in which Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria, was to come to Ponyville to raise the sun – which she did every day, but as it was the longest day of the year and she was coming toPonyville of all places, this was special. Unfortunately, Nightmare Moon, a dark unicorn of ancient legend, showed up in place of the princess and attempted to seal Equestria in eternal night. Rarity banded together with five other ponies to overcome a series of challenges (the distraught half-moustached sea serpent being one of them) and use the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon, allowing the sun to be raised and life to go on as usual in Ponyville.

Life was pretty steady for Rarity for a while after that. Of course, several big breaks had happened, including Rarity’s work being noticed by one of Equestria’s premier fashion designers and Rarity herself being commissioned by the Equestrian equivalent of Lady Gaga to make several stage costumes. The biggest, of course, was being able to attend the Grand Galloping Gala and meet Prince Blueblood, whom she’d intended to woo in order to become a princess. Unfortunately, Blueblood was incredibly uncouth, the Gala itself wound up being something of a disaster, and Rarity instead spent a good night chatting with her friends.

Life continued as normal for a while after that, until Discord, the spirit of chaos, broke free of his bindings and set about causing whatever chaos and havoc he could create in Equestria, Rarity and her friends were all affected by his magic, causing their personalities to flip to the opposite of what they normally were and their shared friendship to fall apart as a result of it. It took a reminder from Princess Celestia to set Twilight back on track, and she in turn helped the rest of her friends. Together, they were able to use the Elements of Harmony to seal Discord away again.

Things calmed down for a while, for the most part. Rarity caught a string of lucky breaks and was able to do some networking with the fashionable elite of Canterlot. Another big break came when she was asked to design the bride and bridesmaids’ gowns for the wedding of Twilight’s brother Shining Armor to Princess Cadance. Unfortunately, the wedding had been infiltrated by changelings, shapeshifters that captured ponies, took their appearances, and fed off the love others had for them. Princess Cadance herself had been kidnapped by Chrysalis, queen of the changelings. Fortunately, the real Cadance was found, the magic of true love saved the day, changelings were banished from Equestria, and the wedding went off without another hitch.

Not long afterwards, the Crystal Empire, a kingdom that had been missing for a thousand years as the result of a curse, resurfaced. Unfortunately, King Sombra, the evil unicorn that had initially cursed it and had been defeated and sealed away by Celestia and Luna that thousand years ago, also resurfaced and attempted to take over the empire again. Celestia sent Shining Armor and Cadance to protect it and Rarity and her friends to help, a quest that was ultimately successful. It’s after they return home from the Crystal Empire that Rarity gets some well-deserved rest and wakes up in Traverse Town.

[This is a RP journal for [community profile] revenance_rpg played by [personal profile] kiaxet. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is property of the Hub. All events in this journal are fictional; any similarities to real people or events is unintentional and rather odd, given that Rarity is a unicorn.]
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