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Name: Kia
Contact: Plurk at Kiaxet
Other Characters: Agent J

Character Name: Rarity
Age: Young Adult
Species: Unicorn
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Canon Point: End of Season 4
Character Info: It's the perfect color and so hip
Personality: Rarity is a self-described lady. She tends to consider herself very classy and haute couture, preferring to be addressed by name or as “miss.” She has an eye for small details (as an up-and-coming fashion talent, she has to) that sometimes causes her to overlook the bigger picture – missing the forest for the trees, as it were. Still, she is an incredibly talented fashionista and places high importance on appearance and mannerisms.

That is to say, Rarity is a bit of a diva. She’s very persnickety about things pertaining to appearance and her own personal situation: for example, she accessorizes for every occasion, even when it may not be important at all, and absolutely detests getting mussed in any capacity (Applejack once tells the other ponies that “Rarity won’t touch mud unless it’s imported” and she’s exactly right). If things don’t go her way – or if, God forbid, she gets dirty – she will not hesitate to be loudly and annoyingly vocal about the situation.

Beneath that seemingly shallow exterior, however, Rarity has a heart of gold. She will not hesitate to do favors for and help her friends and she will gladly pitch in and pull her weight in town-wide projects such as party preparation or Winter Wrap-Up. The Element of Harmony (mystical Sailor Moon-esque Ponyville legend stuff, don’t worry about it) that Rarity embodies is Generosity, and it shines through in her actions, from offering to make all her friends gowns for the Grand Galloping Gala to cutting off her own precious tail (sob) to repair the moustache of a bereft sea serpent. (It makes sense in context, I promise.) In essence, Rarity will do anything to help her friends, though she will still balk if it involves mud.

When the chips are down, Rarity has been shown to be a bit of a spitfire. When kidnapped by diamond dogs, creatures that wanted to force her to find jewels for them, she outwitted them completely, playing up the more divatastic aspects of her personality – refusing to dig for jewels, whining about conditions, and at one point fake!crying loudly and hysterically – until the dogs not only set her free, but let her take all the jewels she’d found with her. Additionally, she’s been willing to charge into battle if the situation arises and has been known to occasionally hip-check obstacles out of her way.

Genre Preferences: Classical, pop, rock
Choice Instrument: Lead, piano/keyboard, violin/electric violin
Rockstar Persona: Alana Diamante came from a small Midwest town and got her ticket to stardom via discovery on social media. One of her beloved fans called her a rarity in the business, and she's taken her stage name - Rarity - from that. She's very much a fashionista, but prefers to go shopping at high-end boutiques rather than attempt to make anything. Personality-wise, she's still very similar to canon; there's just been a bit of priority restructuring. She'll still make friends and care very much about them, but when push comes to shove, she'll place more emphasis on her image (and her band's image, as it affects hers) and is far more likely to go full diva meltdown if something goes wrong.

Ideal CR: Friends and family, mostly. She'll need someone to talk her down when she goes into very dramatic hysterics.

Writing Sample: THIS is whining!

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