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Greg Universe
Defying Atmosphere

Greg obviously needs a lot of help with his personal style, but he seems to be a nice enough person.
Marty McFly
Defying Atmosphere

Marty. Marty dear. Please clean yourself up. Please.
Meril (Lenneth) Valkyrie
Defying Atmosphere

She seems a bit formal - there must be more under the surface that Rarity simply hasn't seen yet.
Kokoro Hanabusa
Defying Atmosphere

They're in a band together! ...they really need to interact more!
Cloud Strife
Nuclear Parliament

Cloud has far too much ego for what he actually offers, and affects a devil-may-care bad boy act that is flimsy at best and embarrassing at worst. He does act like an actual human being if you can break the act down, which Rarity has figured out how to do with a few choice words. She may consider him one of her "projects." Good luck, buddy.
Kiernan "Sariel" MacLeod
Crown of Thorns

Polite, concerned, and also experiencing odd hallucinations. At least Rarity's not alone on that one.
Ivan Karelin
Flowers Over Bones

Sweet, helpful, and has the oddly familiar habit of appearing out of absolutely nowhere. Rarity rather likes him.


TDM01 | Rarity meets Cloud and teaches him how to handle himself at a party.
TDM02 | A catch-all: meeting Muraki and Ivan at the party and feeling a bit shaken up after getting her first memory back.
Welcoming Atmosphere | Meeting the various members of Defying Atmosphere. This mess is a place.
Get Down | Breakfast Party at the FOB penthouse. Sans makes a terrible first impression; seeing Rei for the first time in a while; meeting the Doctor; seeing Ivan again; Ankh imparts some rather worrying information; thank goodness for Ryouta the former model.
In Reaching Out | Rarity remembers to giggle at the ghostly; Greg tells her some very terrifying stories about what's been happening at the label.
Permanent AC Link


You laugh until you cry; you cry until you laugh | Aftermath of In Reaching Out and catchall thread; talking with Greg about memories; finding Meril and Marty injured; a sad tea party with Ivan; learning terrible truths from Rei; whacking Sans one and subsequently becoming friends.
Worst Sleepover Ever | Turns out nobody can sleep after they come back from being brainwashed.
Sing a Song | Rarity drags Marty out and about on Valentine's Day, for the sole purpose of giving Greg and Meril some space.
Long, Beautiful Hair | In which Rarity gets her first regain: purple hair. She is not pleased.
The Concert | Meeting Pinkie Pie
No Fear | Why is there a child on the couch. Why.


Better To Pretend | Auditions and information for Fairy Trial
Mingle In the City | Running into rescuers in the city, including Sarah Jane
Bubbles In the Wine | Luce's birthday party
Contact Post | Showing Sans her brand new unicorn magic.
To Discuss, As I Must | Getting the whole of Defying Atmosphere on the same page.


It's Betta Down Where It's Wetta | Conversations at the aquarium
Going Once, Going Twice | A few last conversations before she goes
Keep You In The Dark | One last jam session for Defying Atmosphere as it is
At the Big Finale, I Would Tear My Face Away | Sans. Sans are you okay. Sans are we leaving. Sans.
Transplanting Flowers | Recovery after escape and surgery with Flowers Over Bones and the rescuers
Like a Ghost | Rarity receives healing from Baryl, and ponders what she remembers with Papyrus and Agent 3
Communicator Post | Papyrus calls Rarity and what do you mean you rescued Sans
'Cause I'm Lonely and I'm Blue | Sans got rescued and he and Papyrus sure are at a warehouse. Time to drop off a disguise!
Play Along | Hype Week hurts everyone; talking with a very messed up Greg; talking with a very messed-up Sans; what did J discover?


TBA | To Be Announced

AC Link
CR chart code available here; thread tracker code available here.

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